Our only goal is to improve literacy for all our children (in English and Spanish). Our team includes teachers and administrators who have implemented our frameworks to achieve super star success.

We focus on

  • equipping and supporting the schools with evidence-based practices for literacy

  • customized solutions to meet your individual school and classroom needs

  • providing an online resource library with videos, lesson plans, and documents

  • monthly webinars from expert teachers sharing their personal classroom experiences

  • preparation for state and national assessments

Our team

Our dedicated team of professionals includes 

Dr. Kausalai (Kay) Wijekumar Ph.D

Houston Endowment Chair, Director Center for Urban School Partnerships, Chancellor’s EDGES Fellow at Texas A&M University

Project Director for the KATE, KAT, ACE, ITSS, SWELL, We Write, and PRISM grant funded projects

Dr. Andrea Beerwinkle

Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan

Dr. Hope Gerde

Dr. Steve Graham

Dr. Karen R. Harris

Dr. Kacee Lambright

Dr. Debra McKeown

Ms. Abigail Bristow

Ms. Georgina Cardenas

Mr. Javier Garza

Ms. Elizabeth Miller

Ms. Rosario Parra

Ms. Lisa Perkins

Ms. Kathryn Shurmatz

Ms. Pilar Sierra

Ms. Ashley Stack

Ms. Brittany White

Mr. Michael Williams

Other Team Members

Dr. Emily Cantrell, Dr. Jennifer Cromley, Dr. Anita Hernandez, Dr. R.M. Joshi, Dr. Marianne Rice, Dr. Julie L. Thompson, Ms. Mercedes Rodriguez, Mr. William

Our goal is to improve literacy for all our children.

Our results are astronomical!

(in English and Spanish)